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For the Creative Composer and Writer

This is for those who feel that you’ve been under the shadows of the “unknown” This is for those whose hearts lift up a song that comes from the depth of the soul, for those whose song is unheard except for The One who hears their voices…

This is for those who in solitude paint worlds with words and notes that only angels hear. Yes, this is for those who sit under the stars and wonder if their cry and song is ever heard. To you, who longs for your song to be heard in the depths of eternity….your song and singing is heard. Yes, that song that was birthed out of pain, that song that was birthed in solitude when only the stars saw your tears as you lifted up your voice The One who gave you a voice. To you, who has been faithful to sing to your audience of One, He hears your voice, your pain and even your doubts. He is the one who gives you significance and who calls you to step into Kingship. He lifts your voice and angels learn your song so that it will be recorded in the eternal books of heaven and generations to come will sing your tune for eternity.

To you who no recording label has signed you, yet you remain faithful to minister to His heart…lift your voice! Let it be heard and echo from the corners of eternity! Do not grow faint, do not grow weary. keep writing, keep composing, keep painting worlds with your words and music, for angels and a cloud of witnesses stand in awe of your creative works as you express the glory of God from within you.

#Letitbeknown that this is who you are for eternity and ages to come. So be it.

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