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From Prayer Movements to People Movements

Woke up at 4:30a with a Word from God after an interesting dream...

“The last 10yrs has been the “prayer movement” ...the next 10 will be the “people movement” (God’s people).

The dream had a leader from the prayer movement who was sick and getting treatment (prostate) 😳. I believe this could represent the prayer movement no longer “reproducing” and that its age is complete.

The Lord spoke to my heart...saying. “I’m answering so many prayers from the prayer movement from the last 10 yrs... I’ve heard their cries. All of Heaven is pouring out a YES to answer prayers that were cried out in the secret place.” *DING* the oven went off and the bread 🍞 of His presence is ready. “No more cries for revival. Partner with God's people for revival.”

Now is the time to partner with the Helper and the people of God to see these things come to pass. Now is the time to build together.

(Context: 10yrs ago the prayer movement took off and grew rapidly after THE CALL in DC. It was revolutionary and needed for its time. And now it’s time for something new. It doesn’t mean don’t pray. It means to partner with God because there’s a Grace and a YES from heaven to see these prayers come to pass)

The strategies of the last (desert) season don’t work in the new season (promised land)

- Nathaniel Swokowski

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