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Genesis - Place of majestic origin, design and identity!

I am truly in awe of how intentional God was from the very beginning. Creation was made with such majesty and royalty in his mind, much more mankind. The more I study the meaning of words the more I find out that God is so glorious and majestic in his creation which leads me to believe that everything he created was meant to express and manifest his glory and majesty. The meaning of Eden (or Edem) is pleasure, luxury, dainty, delight, finery, which means that when God creates he creates nothing less than these things. The point is, not only the heavens and earth and everything in it created with such glory in mind, but also mankind. I believe each one of us - yes, all 7 billion of us - are meant to express and reflect his glorious majesty; 7 billion expressions of his glorious and kingly pleasure, delight, luxury and finery! We are all meant to walk as queens and kings, with wealth and eternity in our hearts. Yes, the wealth of a life with him, eternally in fellowship with him.

On the other hand, we have an enemy that hates when we walk in this royal innate calling of ours. It is often when I hear that whisper in my ear “reminding” me of how low and unworthy I am because of my mistakes as a husband, son, father, etc. That lying tongue mirroring my voice or even intending to fraudulently imitate the Father’s voice intending to have me buy the accusing lie to keep me sitting in the outskirts of the Kingdom. It is in these moments that His gentle whisper revives me with an invitation to remind myself who I am (who you are), to sit at my rightful place at the King’s table, to stare at the face of He who overpaid my debt with his own life so that I would always be at his table and take my inheritance and dominion in His kingdom.

And that my friend is our rightful place to be. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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