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Prophets and Prophetic Voices in Prisons

A few weeks ago the Lord visited me in my dreams. He said, “I am raising up Prophets within prisons in this hour.” Then I saw men and women who are currently serving time in prison being visited by Jesus himself in their cells, calling them to be voices of prophetic reformation from prisons and bringing transformation to the prison system from within.

I saw Jesus entering their cells, passing through the gates and walls and showing himself in glory and majesty to men and women who no one ever thought would come before the Lord. Just like Saul before encountering Jesus, these men and women were serving time for committing crimes against their neighbors but being transformed into new creations from the depths of their spirit and soul. I saw how Jesus would touch their minds and they were being completely transformed into new people, unrecognizable by their fellow inmates and family members, but bringing a revolution of His love through signs and wonders.


-Alex Magallanes

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