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I had a dream that we were in Australia, traveling with a Prophet. My wife, the Prophet, another male who seemed familiar, and I were there.

We had just finished ministry in Australia and were now trying to get the flight to New York. The Prophet had another speaking engagement in two days and needed to be back in the states within the next 24 hours. The goal was to get some rest before his next speaking meeting.

I was a bit stressed out because I had realized that the Prophet’s flight was taking off earlier than we thought. I had done the time difference calculation and realized that the flight was taking off at 5 pm and not 7 pm, as initially thought.

I communicated my concern to the Prophet, he responded, “No, Alex, the flight takes off at 7 pm.” I sat back in my seat as we struggled to get through Australia’s afternoon traffic. The Prophet and the other male were seated in the front row of the vehicle.

Once again, I urged the Prophet to check the flight status because I couldn’t shake the nudge in my heart about the time it took off. This time, the Prophet was a bit annoyed; relenting to my request, he asked the person next to him, can you confirm what time the flight was? With minimum effort and a smirk, this person replied, “you have nothing to worry about; the flight takes off at 7 pm.”

I felt stressed, sad, and confused because I couldn’t shake the urgency I felt in my chest.

When we finally arrived at the airport, we discovered I had been right the whole time. The Prophet’s flight had just taken off. It was around 5:05 pm when we arrived at the airport. The Prophet was very upset about it. Thankfully they had another flight taking off soon, but he would come to the states at a later time than needed. Based on my calculation, he would arrive at 11 pm the next day and not at 5 pm as he initially needed.

What the Father indicated about the dream

The Father said that the Prophet represented the prophetic movement in the United States. He said, “You were telling the prophetic movement ‘the hour is earlier than you think” “The unknown yet familiar male in the dream is Distraction.”

The hour is earlier for many prophetic people. I saw people who have been given a prophetic mantle but believe they are not ready to step out in their prophetic calling. They are distracted by the events of this world, the news channel, gossip, religion, and even the political spirit.

I saw many who carry prophetic jewels in their hands, jewels of revelation that they should place in systems of education, arts and entertainment, government, business, family, and the church. However, they have said in their heart, “surely the time is later for the take-off of my prophetic calling.”

The hour is earlier than you think! The take-off of your calling to where you are supposed to be is at 5, for I am giving you the GRACE to be who you are and where you are supposed to be.

Do not be distracted, my friend, do not be distracted. Listen to the pull in your heart, that nudge of urgency. It is my calling; it is me, my daughter, and my son. Do not listen to Distraction. Though it seems familiar, it is not from me.

I urge you, my friend, to revisit your prophetic words and start positioning yourself for the take-off. Do not diminish what the Father has given you. Do not compare yourself with others. Ready yourself with prayer and devotion.

I see many having dreams again, many having new visions, and many hearing again. Some of you are being given new jewels of revelation, and others already carrying jewels of revelation that must be placed on kings and queens of this earth.

It is time, my friend, it is the time! The hourly is earlier than you think.

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