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The Prophetic Architect Arising

This is for those who are hungry to change the norm, those who are unsatisfied with how things are in their world and around them because they know that there is a higher standard, an abundant life promised to those who choose to walk into their destiny.

This is for the prophetic architects who are thirsty to see spiritual realities be built in their family, in their city, in their nation.

This is for those who want to experience the presence of the Father on a deeper level and then manifest it to those around them.

This is for those who are tired of the systems of the enemy and move past unforgiveness, offense, and bitterness to lay a hold of that which they were called for.

This is for you…a rebuilder of ruined cities (families, relationships, systems). This is for you, who seeks to restore others by the washing of His word. This is for you, who renews that which has been long forgotten and redeems things long forsaken. (Isaiah 61:4)

Today I prophesy that your name is next! I hear your name being called! Emerging voices, prophesy to the four winds. Strengthen the peoples, Edify cities, Comfort the broken hearted!

Arise, oh Kings! Arise, oh Queens, daughters of the Most High. Your scepter is at your right hand. Call things that are not as if they are! Sound your voice, speak into the air, change the atmosphere, claim the ground, establish His Kingdom.

For you are His, and He is yours. No longer an orphan you are, but a daughter and son, a queen, and king, and now mothers and fathers ready to speak God-given identity to this generation.

For His is the Kingdom, and the power, and the authority. AMEN.

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